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What is ORMUS?

Orbitally   Rearranged   Monoatomic   ElementS   (ORME’S)


Also known as ORMEs and the terms ORMUS and M-state materials, they exist naturally and are trapped in plants and in some rich volcanic soil, and are abundant in the oceans of our planet. As Earth’s soils have been washed into the oceans over the last few millions of years, the seawaters became full of these powerful minerals.

These minerals are harvested from the pristine clean Australian sea. We then use ancient methods and ceremonies to extract the minerals in combination with the use of crystals to make the most powerful and concentrated Ormus available. These minerals are believed to be precious-metal elements in a non-metallic spin state, “a different state of matter”. These substances are thought to be superconductors (allow better cell-to-cell communication as I will explain later). These elements have their atomic nucleus “folded” in on itself (see examples below) it is believed these atoms have part of their existence in a different plane of existence as their atomic weight is less ( approx. 5/9ths ) than their more common counterparts and they exhibit unique characteristics.

What is ORMUS?

    Egg shaped atomic nucleus                                Figue 8 shaped atomic nucleus

History of ORMUS

Most of this research is taken from two experts in the field of these materials (also known as ORMEs, m-state elements, ORMUS, white gold, white powder gold, mfkzt, manna, the Philosopher’s Stone and others).

1/. Mr David Hudson –  Arizona farmer. In 1989 David was granted patents on these materials. He named them ORMEs.

2/. Mr Barry Carter – who has devoted his adult life to researching, developing and explaining to others about this re-discovered group of elements.


It appears that these elements has been known throughout history and almost every ancient civilization made use of them. The Egyptians believed that this Monoatomic Gold was an anti-ageing Superfood (as do many current day naturopaths and natural therapists) The Bible refers to Ormus as “mana”

Ancient alchemists only produced this ORMUS material for the ‘privileged’ priestly or pharaoh class. It is said that they ingested these minerals to increase their mental clarity, to strengthen their awareness of the life force that is everywhere and to increase their wisdom, knowing and deep-seated understandings.

Taking ORMUS


Some add it to a glass of water or juice,, 200ml, or a smoothie, but I prefer to just leave it under the tongue for 1-2 minutes to allow the M-state minerals to absorb directly through the saliva glands while setting the intention for the Ormus in your  mind.

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Disclaimer: The contents of these documents are based upon the research and opinions of Mark Stokell, David Hudson and Barry Carter. The taking of ORMUS is not intended to replace a balanced healthy diet or advise from a healthcare practitioner. It is not intended as medical advice. You are encouraged to make your own healthcare decisions based upon your research and that of your healthcare professional.  The information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

We make no specific claims as to any medical benefits of Ormus. People who use it do so entirely at their own risk as would be true of the use any product containing m-state precious metal elements. This Ormus is sold as a natural mineral water. Any use is the responsibility of the buyer.