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Why take Ormus?


Why take ORMUS?

Ormus is basically highly concentrated mineral water ( with “supercharged” minerals of course) and every living thing needs minerals. People taking almost have reported having an abundance of energy, curing illness, better health, better memory, better wisdom, being more spiritually connected, recharging your batteries, enhances mental clarity, increasing intuitive power, naturally balancing what he minerals and increasing stamina to mention a few.

Minerals are indispensable to life in all its forms. Minerals and trace elements play an important role, they are the building blocks of life, for all living things: among other roles they assist in transmission of nerve impulses; balancing other elements to maintain a healthy immune system; assisting in biological processes by exchanging energy through the exchange of electrons. A great way to describe a deficiency of minerals within the body is when a cell has not been programmed well through lack of essential nutrients, that cell will simply continue to exist but without fulfilling its proper role. The cell is alive but it just doesn’t know what to do. Many cells, in one area, not knowing their role is disastrous. They may eventually form a tumor that could become cancerous! Also, when our body is unable to produce new cells (because of a deficiency of minerals) we age prematurely or develop other diseases.

Minerals also have an alkaline balancing effect on the body. Ormus is Alkaline, this serves to protect against acids and protects our immune system. Acidosis causes much deterioration to the body and can be the source of ageing, cardiovascular problems, cancer, and degenerative diseases.  If we have the full complement of minerals in our bodies, our immune system can do its job of keeping us healthy.

Recent scientific research is focusing on these “new” elements as they exhibit new and different characteristics to their more common counterparts. Some scientists believe these were the original building blocks that formed the first life on earth and play an important role in health and well-being. Therefore we want these sea minerals in our bodies for total body health.

Our ORMUS is super concentrated therefore has the maximum amounts of monoatomic marine minerals in each and every one of our bottles.

Various researchers have noticed that the ORMUS elements seem to play an important role in biological systems.

The ORMUS elements also appear to do things in several consciousness-related areas, ie, they appear to serve as the communication medium for thought and spirituality.

Ormus minerals may be a major factor in consciousness itself. David Hudson also claimed that this is true. We suspect that the ORMUS elements may facilitate faster and better communication between every cell, and may also facilitate better communication between the self and everything else in the universe (or God). This faster and better communication seems to have helped some people to manifest many of the things that they dreamed of as children.

Modern Physicists and other scientists have observed these kinds of instantaneous communication. They have even coined terms to describe it: quantum coherence or  n o n - l o c a l interaction and the field that this communication occurs is the morphogenetic field.

In 1924, Albert Einstein, building on the work of Satyendra Nath Bose, predicted that it should be possible for two or more atoms to get into the same quantum state, their wavelengths becoming superimposed on one another. This state of matter is referred to as a Bose–Einstein condensate (BEC). A BEC composed of many atoms would be, in effect, an infinitely dense substance. We believe that the ORMUS elements can become room-temperature BECs. If this is true, then they might from the basis for an instantaneous non local communication system like the mystical connection that sages of all ages have described.

 Just think of it as “the internet of the mind” the more ORMUS in your system the faster the connection speed but there must be a higher concentrations than that of the current average human or everyone could already do it easily.

David Hudson has shown by dissecting animal brains that they too contained Ormus. According to Hudson our brains contain at least 5% Ormus. This percentage can be raised considerably if we take in food and water with a high Ormus content.

“One thing is agreed amongst nutritional researchers: mineral deficiency is the most fundamental cause of all chronic disease, including the degeneration that occurs with ageing.” Dr Linus Pauling (twice Nobel Prize winner - Chemistry).

The lack of minerals in today's foods is a direct result of our farming methods particularly the over farming of our land and the use of “ fertilizers”. These fertilizers are based on growing crops with a minimum of three elements nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Plants grown in with these type of fertilizers struggle to survive well in nature because they do not have a full spectrum of minerals and therefore appear “sick” to Mother Nature. Mother Nature then sends her “cleanup crew” of insects and other diseases to get rid of these weak organisms. The farmer’s then “treat” there crops with pesticides and other chemicals which are potentially harmful to the humans that consume them.

Even without the use of any chemicals (Organic Farming Methods) our soils have been over farmed over the last few hundred years or so resulting in mineral deficient soils and crops. (Take yourself back in time a few million years before humans to a time of the dinosaurs where our soils were rich in minerals and not over farmed, dinosaurs wandered around the lands and ocean and the minerals were put back into the earth, today all our modern-day minerals are ”flushed” into the ocean. Now can you see why the dinosaurs got so big.) While we eat the recommended amount of fruit and vegetables every day our bodies crave more nutrients so we eat more and more resulting in over eating and ultimately obesity. Also the ”experts” keep increasing the recommended amounts of fruit and vegetables we should consume each day. This lack of minerals in the food we are consuming has prompted naturopaths and health practitioners to recommend the taking of supplements which in turn has opened up new markets for vitamin and mineral pills and drinks.

Most of these vitamins and minerals are produced in a laboratory from raw metals and our bodies can only accept a small amount of these chemicals (approx. 7%). Some of the more forward thinking companies are starting to source from plants, these products, even though better for you than man made, are still highly processed and not as totally beneficial, due to damage in the processing, as those derived 100% from nature( direct from the plant). As a result, we develop a structural mineral (and therefore Ormus) deficiency and ingest dangerous toxins which mess with our hormonal and nervous system. The diseases caused by this are then 'treated' with war-based chemicals. Like chemo therapy, for instance, this is nothing more than a variation of mustard gas.

This is why a small amount of Ormus should be used as the only type of “fertilizer” that we use on food we consume. This will result in healthier and more nutritious food and in turn better health for us.


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Disclaimer: The contents of these documents are based upon the research and opinions of Mark Stokell, David Hudson and Barry Carter. The taking of ORMUS is not intended to replace a balanced healthy diet or advise from a healthcare practitioner. It is not intended as medical advice. You are encouraged to make your own healthcare decisions based upon your research and that of your healthcare professional.  The information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

We make no specific claims as to any medical benefits of Ormus. People who use it do so entirely at their own risk as would be true of the use any product containing m-state precious metal elements. This Ormus is sold as a natural mineral water. Any use is the responsibility of the buyer.